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Eurasia which is called as the heart of world politics in Heartland Theory is facing such wide and diverse developments in the light of Belt – Road Initiative that would add to its significance.
The Heartland Theory which is also called as Mackinderian Philosophy placed the pivot in the center of the planet, which includes the river basins of the Volga, Yenisey, Amu Draya, Syr Draya, and two seas the Caspian and the Aral. This theory put emphasis on the centrality of the Eurasian region. Mackinder stated that in the context of the global geopolitical processes, the Eurasian continent is found in the center of the world politics. Mackinder believes that Heartland would remain as the geographical pivot of history for all the times, but some rival theories and criticisms had been challenging its accuracy and durability.
In order to answer the question that how the Belt – Road Initiative could re -highlight Eurasia as Heartland, explores the following hypothesis: Belt – Road Initiative fortifies the potential nature of Heartland Theory. Using explanatory – analyzing research method, the authors try to tell why the research findings provide an answer to the research question.