Document Type : Research Paper


Associate Professor of School of International Relations


Caspian region interactions with its neighborhood have an undeniable impact on world’s strategic equations. The Caspian region is historically known as the “absent present”. Being aware of Caspian region’s exclusive potentialities, the transregional actors would like to receive a regional interpretation of Caspian stand in the future of Interantional system; but still the region has not produced a strategic rhetoric for its own. How a consensus on a regional rhetoric about Caspian’s potentialities can be made using China and India’s strategic initiatives, is the main question of this article. The role of Iran in making a balance in the competition between China and India in Caspian region; as well as Iran and Russia’s capacities in boosting regionalism in Caspian region are addressed by the author. Using analytical – descriptive method; and library resources as well as interviews with experts on regional and transregional affairs, the author tries to tell why the research findings provide an answer to the research question.