Document Type : Research Paper


1 PhD student, International Relations, Azad University, Rafsanjan.

2 Assistant Professor, International Relations, Azad University, Rafsanjan


The Russia – India – China Triangle is one of the first mechanisms that were used to encounter the US centered international order by the eastern powers which brought along the SCO and BRICS. Russia, India and China’s foreign ministers troika is actually an attempt for making a cooperation network among revisionist powers. Given the bilateral, trilateral and multilateral relations between the three mentioned countries, the question is whether such a goal is possible or not. The article’s achievement proves that although having relative potentialities and strong motivations for changing the US centered international order, the Russia – India – China Triangle is not capable of achieving the goal in the present situation. That is rooted in their diverse perception about the nature of this change and the position of each three country in the future of such a new order.  Therefore strengthening the perspective of a change in international order is assessed as a positive measure for these players. Using an explanatory - analyzing method, the literature tries to find out the inefficiency causes in mechanisms of Russia – India – China Triangle.